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About 'Up Next NY'

New York desperately needs young elected officials with the fresh voice and vision needed to make change. Unfortunately, our political system rewards political longevity instead of talent and energy. We’re fighting to elect the next generation of leadership because our government has been far too slow to address the challenges of the future. 


Accomplished young New Yorkers do not run for office because they do not have a large financial network. Political representation shapes policy. Electing younger New Yorkers will create a more progressive, inclusive city. Gen Z (1997+) currently represents over 20% of the population but has only one representative in the New York City Council. Our endorsements, contributions, and canvassing will make it viable for young New Yorkers to consider running for elected office and help them win when they run. 

We are on track to raise $50k this fall and will use it to make a major impact on the '24 legislative cycle & '25 NYC Council races.

Wikimedia Commons, Axelspace Corporation
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